Project Description


Unlike romantic love, unconditional love does not seek pleasure or gratification.

Unconditional love is more a state of receptivity and allowing,
which arises from our own “basic goodness,” says Trungpa Rimpoche.
It’s the total acceptance of someone — a powerful energy emanating from the heart.
Love that is unconditional transcends time, place, behavior, and worldly concerns.
We don’t decide whom we love, and sometimes don’t know why.
The motives and reasons of the heart are unfathomable, writes Carson McCullers (*quoted in Lancer, 2016)
*Mc Cullers, C. as cited in Lancer, D. (May 17th 2016) Soulmates and Unconditional Love.  Scientific Advisory Board

Material: Statuario and marquina marble
Edition of 3 plus 1 artist’s proof – 84 x 43 x 76 cm

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