Project Description


The Greatest Goal

A united world for sustainability

Aspiring to create “Progress for Humanity” through advanced technology and innovation, Hyundai Motor Company is accelerating its drive towards creating a sustainable world. As an extension of this vision, Hyundai has joined hands with world-renowned sculptor Lorenzo Quinn to create this monumental work of art inspired by their shared dream of a united world for sustainability.

Reflecting these values, two human torsos emerge from the earth like colossal goalposts, their outstretched arms linked together at the center in solidarity to form a gigantic crossbar. This heroic embrace forms “The Greatest Goal”, a symbol of the philosophy that mankind is capable of uniting to create a sustainable tomorrow.

Crafted from recycled steel, the sculpture features over 70,000 welding points. The net, woven by Qatari fishermen living in Doha, celebrates local artisanal culture while innovating traditional craft techniques. The globe, dressed with living layers of foliage, reflects a pledge to protect the health of the planet.

The sculpture stands proud as a legacy of our generation, uniting fans across the world in a common goal.

“As an artist, as a father and as a person, I aspire to leave the world in a better condition than I was born into. The world is a marvelous but precarious gift, where life on this planet is held in a delicate balance. I’m energized by the sound of raindrops on the rooftop and by a plentiful waterfall, by a clean ocean full of life, by an African plain with free-roaming wildlife, by a clear blue, clean sky, by ice in the poles and a proper spread of seasons. The world, OUR planet, is beautiful and bountiful, let us ensure its fruitful longevity.”

Lorenzo Quin

Khalifa International Stadium – Doha, Qatar

The Greatest Goal | Hyundai FIFA – Worldcup Qatar 2022