Project Description


Reflecting My Heart In You” marries the talents of Lorenzo Quinn and BREAKFAST in a harmonious exploration of love and memory. The piece features a stainless-steel heart held by  aluminium hands, symbolizing the strength and support inherent in love. Lorenzo Quinn’s sculpture embodies his belief that  “Love means respect, support, enrichment, honesty, trust, and wanting only good in the world. It’s an all-encompassing circle of emotions where one gives and receives plentifully.” 
At the centre of the piece lies BREAKFAST’s interactive and kinetic contribution, which transforms the heart into a dynamic memory bank. Utilizing over 3,000 flip-discs, a medium BREAKFAST has been working with since 2011, this component records and replays interactions with the piece, solidifying memories and inviting viewers to become an integral part of the artwork. 
This synergy between Quinn’s expressive sculpture and BREAKFAST’s innovative canvas underscores the collaborative nature of “Reflecting My Heart In You,” making it a profound statement on the interconnectivity of human experience. 

Material: Aluminium and Red Chromed Stainless Steel + Breakfast Screen 

Edition of 3 plus 1 artist proof – 280x129x127 cm 

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