Project Description


We often freeze in the face of difficulties, lacking the will or drive to move forward.
Yet this is the time to take believe in our own capabilities, and in blind faith make the leap and fulfil our dreams.
Leap of Faith is a sculpture that prompts reflection on the need to look forward, even in the darkest moments.
The past is set in stone, the present is carving itself in wood and the future is an empty goblet to fill with dreams.

Material: Bronze
Edition of 25 plus 5 artist’s proofs – 83,5 x 111 x 25 cm
Edition of 99 plus 15 artist’s proofs – 42 x 55 x 12 cm
Edition of 8 plus 3 artist’s proofs – 167,5 x 215 x 45 cm
Edition of 8 plus 3 artist’s proofs – 338 x 430 x 90 cm

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