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BABY 3.0

Art is in theaters and museums, but also in our streets, and I am proud to exhibit ‘Baby 3.0’ in the splendid setting of the Palazzo Ca Corner´s gardens,  in Venice.

However, it should involve us all… Because experiencing art makes us stronger and offers us so much. I want to invite the audience to interact with the sculpture, to touch it, to feel as if they are a part of it and part of a wider conversation about the re-birth of humanity after covid-19, which involves each individual on the planet. The audience will become an intrinsic part of the artwork and through that, provoke emotions and a positive change.

The ‘Baby 3.0’ installation will reach millions of people spiritually and physically. Everyone visiting Venice will have the chance to visit the Re-birth of Humanity installation. We all have a highly emotional attachment to our own birth and underlying question of what is our purpose in life: why were we born?

 ‘I wish that, if my art does anything, it provokes actions of kindness which will give hope to the world.’

Palazzo Ca´Corner´s gardens , San Marco, Venice

A Campaign for Humanity: Lorenzo Quinn’s Sculptures
Amira Gad

Every gesture counts when it comes to preserving and speaking up for our humanity. It is
this philosophy that is at the heart of renowned Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn’s practice, which
is about spreading the message of love and faith around the world. His monumental
sculptures, exhibited in public spaces across the globe, are iconic and highly symbolic…



It is called “Baby 3.0”, a symbol of rebirth, a tribute to the mystery of life that unites every human
being and gives hope for the future. Lorenzo Quinn’s new monumental creation will be on display
in Venice, curated by Amira Gad, from 15th of July to 31st of October 2022.

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